Who are the Stardust Sisters

Bunny is A bartender with a lot on her mind. Living in Portland, OR, she spends her days cooking up interesting liqueurs and working her booty off making fancy cocktails and talking about gorgeous wines. Back when she was a full-time 20-something party girl frolicking around her fair city, there was a lot of opportunity to bask in the weirdness of all things, making it impossible to be basic. When Bunny met Star that fateful day in Portland, circa 2007, the love was almost immediate. They bonded during weekly craft nights & she knew she had found her kindred spirit; her Stardust Sister. Good conversations are hard to find these days. She is looking to fix that.


Star's  life started off rocky and then


she proceeded to make every bad


decision known to woman for the first 30


years of her life, except for having her


beautiful daughter at the age of 17.


It wasn't until she left the


safety of the West Coast and moved to TX


that she finally got her shit together.


Luckily Star met Bunny before she left for


the Lone Star State and it was pure kismet.


Their shared love for food, drink, art,


music and pretty much all the RAD things


bonded them and laid before them that


they were indeed Stardust Sisters.