Episode 1 Feelings

Episode 2 The stars are projectors.

​Episode 3 The Heart and Anus of Algorithms

Episode 4 Quarendreams

Episode 5 The Denver International Airport Conspiracies

​Episode 6 - the 411 on Furries and Bronies

Episode 7 A Couple of Crazy Ass Cults,g_1:comic:WcchG0PwiCE%3D&usg=AI4_-kSZ_rHmxOIXFgEQkW-wh_sVXbYKoA&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiN18ehqb7pAhXJX80KHV2pCigQgIoDKAN6BAgEEAo&biw=1280&bih=578

Episode 8 #podcastblackout

Episode 9 Tarot

Episode 10 the 1980's,most%20eclectic%20decades%20in%20fashion.

​Episode 11 1990's

Episode 12 The Swain Murders

Episode 13 A West Coast Ghost Tour

Episode 15 - the Unexplained death of Kurt McFall

​Episode 16 - What is Paranormal?

Episode 17 - The Brutal Murder of Shanda Sharer

​Episode 18 - Knock Knock. Who's there? Cattle Mutilation!

​Episode - 19 The Bathtub Girls

Episode 20 - Annabelle

​Episode 21 Party Monster Review

Party Monster (film) - Wikipedia

Episode 22 The Death of Angel Melendez. The Club Kids: Where are they now?,subsequent%20state%20tax%2Devasion%20charges.&text=Gatien%20in%20the%202003%20film,(played%20by%20Macaulay%20Culkin).

Episode 27 Ouija or Won'tcha

Episode 28 Waking During Surgery

Episode 29 Adventures in Cryptid Land; Lake Edition H2OMG! Podcast with John-Michael,varied%20according%20to%20tribal%20nomenclature

Lake Worth Monster

Episode 31 Belt Made of Nipples

Episode 32 Jack of the Lantern'-lantern

 Jack-o'-lantern - Wikipedia

Episode 33 Leeches, Lobotomy & Cannibalism

Episode 34 Drinking in Ritual

 11 Drinking Rituals from Religions Around the World

Episode 35 Eccentric Dogma

Raëlism - Wikipedia

The true origin of life on Earth: Extraterrestrials created us in their image

Jedi Church | Facebook

Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Flying Spaghetti Monster - Wikipedia

Church of Euthanasia

Church of Euthanasia - Wikipedia

A Brief History

Jediism - Wikipedia

Episode 36 F**KING PINK TAX

 Pink tax - Wikipedia

Episode 37 The Mandela Effect

The Mandela Effect: What It Is and How It Happens

40 Mandela Effect Examples - What Is The Mandela Effect Definition

44 Mandela Effect examples that are seriously mind-bending | Reader's Digest Australia

Capital One BrandVoice: The Mandela Effect -- Bad Memories Or An Alternate Universe?

Mandela Effect: Is a Parallel Universe Changing Our Reality? | Gaia

False memory - Scholarpedia

The Multiverse with Joe Rogan - YouTube

The Theory of Parallel Universes - dummies

The ‘Mandela Effect’ - Cosmos Magazine

The Silence of the Lambs (1991) - Official Trailer - YouTube

​Episode 38 YULE,and%20gift%2Dgiver%2C%20it%20slowly

Episode 39 Fun Winter Holiday Traditions Around the World

Unusual Christmas Traditions From Around The World

Wacky Winter Holiday Traditions Around the World | The Pimsleur Language Blog

20 Christmas Traditions from Around the World - Incorporating Christmas Traditions from Travels

The world's 13 weirdest Christmas traditions | Wanderlust

9 Winter Holidays Around the World - Learning Liftoff

Meet the Thirteen Yule Lads, Iceland’s Own Mischievous Santa Clauses | Smart News | Smithsonian Magazine

Caga Tio Song - YouTube

Episode 40 Ratched Chat

Episode 42 Mata Hari

The Tragic Life and Death of Mata Hari - Lone Wolf Magazine

Episode 43 Social Media Shit Show Jan/Feb 2021

Episode 44 G.G. Allin Scum Fucker

Episode 45 Ridiculous Lawsuits

Episode 46 The Spice Trade

Episode 47 CLOWNS!

Episode 48 podversary 1 Year