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Season 1

Music by Platinum Collection

Fesliyan Music

Episode 2 The stars are projectors.

Episode 3 The Heart and Anus of Algorithms

Episode 4 Quarendreams

Episode 5 The Denver International Airport Conspiracies

Episode 6 - the 411 on Furries and Bronies
Documentary - Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony
Documentary - A Brony Tale (2014); Director: Brent Hodge, starring Ashleigh Ball (plays Rainbow Dash & Applejack)

Episode 7 A Couple of Crazy Ass Cults

Episode 8 #podcastblackout

Episode 9 Tarot

Episode 10 the 1980's,most%20eclectic%20decades%20in%20fashion.

Episode 11 1990's 

Episode 12 The Swain Murders

Episode 13 A West Coast Ghost Tour

Episode 14 - the Unexplained death of Kurt McFall

Episode 15 - What is Paranormal?

Episode 16 - The Brutal Murder of Shanda Sharer

Episode 17 -

Knock Knock. Who's there? Cattle Mutilation!

Episode - 18 The Bathtub Girls

Episode 19 - Annabelle

Episode 20 The Death of Angel Melendez. The Club Kids: Where are they now?